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Safe Access

Home Safety and Accessibility

Stay in your home longer, safer and more comfortably.

The key to living independently is maximizing accessibility while minimizing injury, trip, and fall risks in your home. TruBlue of Yorktown can help. A total house care expert will come to your home and inspect your living areas to identify safety and accessibility issues. He or she will then help you create a plan to modify your home to maximize its safety and comfort for day-to-day living.

Some of the most common services are:

Knob Replacement - As people age they can have difficulty grabbing and turning doorknobs and faucet handles. TruBlue will switch your door knobs and faucet handles to a lever-style design to address this issue.

Switch and Outlet Access - Assuring switches and outlets are reachable at any height eliminates the need for excessive bending or reaching which can be painful or result in a fall. Doorways can even be widened to maximize other access points in your home.

Grab and Hand Rail Installation - Adding grab rails in bathrooms is one of the most important modifications you can make. More than one in three seniors over age 65 fall each year, and the National Institute on Aging (NIA) says 80 percent of these falls are in the bathroom.

Ramp Installation - Whether it is creating no-step entries with a threshold ramp or designing and installing a wheelchair ramp, TruBlue can provide a custom solution that fits your needs.

Stair Safety - An often overlooked but very helpful improvement to make stairways safer is having railings on both sides of the stairs. TruBlue will also inspect and repair current railings to assure they are installed properly and are not loose.

Trust TruBlue to give you peace of mind so you can stay in your home longer, safer and more comfortably.

Home Safety Checklist

Remove area rugs as they are trip hazzards

Keep your traffic areas clear at all times

Keep a flashlight and telephone within reach of your bed

Set your water-heater thermostat at 120-degrees F or lower to prevent accidental scalding

Clearly label your medications and dosages

Post emergency numbers and your address by each telephone

Never use a chair as a step-stool

Place a non-skid mat in your tub shower

Ensure all extension cords are GFCI and only run along a wall

Have a night-light in your bathroom and along the path from your bed to the bathroom